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Apr 13, 2019 - 01:05:PM News

Employees are the most valuable asset for every company. Without employees, the company certainly will not be able to walk and produce superior products. This principle continues to be guarded by Rootpixel. The company which has been established for 12 years is a digital and internet company that has always consistently created and made innovations in the digital world. Our company has won 24 international awards as the best products. All of these awards are inseparable from the cooperation and hard work carried out by all the teams working within the company.

The hard work of the rootpixel team that plays an important role in the company's success is our main key in building this company. Without the hard work of all parties involved, there is no way we can reach the peak and success like now. All with Allah's permission, of course. Therefore, not only focusing on creating product innovation, we also focus on providing comfort and well-being for the entire team so that they can maintain their performance. One of them is by holding vacation activities for all team members inside Rootpixel.



Not only school children who need a vacation to unwind from school work. As workers, we also need one day off to re-energize and refresh the mind. This is what Rootpixel always does as a form of appreciation for the hard work of all team members. Dwelling on the screen and everything in the form of digital is sure to make every member of the rootpixel team feel bored. This feeling of saturation will hinder their creativity in creating innovation. To avoid this, Rootpixel makes a holiday activity for all team members.

The team's holiday activities were created with the aim of refreshing the mind and energy of the entire team. If your mind and body are refreshed, innovation to re-create the best products can appear more easily. Because every member in the team plays an important role in creating quality products, a vacation for all team members is needed to support the performance of team members.

Rootpixel, which is a digital company, is a company that promotes teamwork and teamwork. But sometimes in every activity related to work, there must be problems that might make the collaboration have problems. Without solid cooperation, a company cannot run well. This is the goal to be achieved by Rootpixel by holding this holiday activity together.

Vacationing and spending time together with fun without thinking about work is expected to further strengthen team cohesiveness and family spirit between teams at Rootpixel. With a vacation together, each team member can get to know each other and share with each other about their position or duties at the company. Holidays will make each team member automatically try to build a pleasant atmosphere on a holiday trip. This is also the purpose of Rootpixel to hold joint holiday activities. The pleasant atmosphere created during the holidays is expected to continue to carry while working.

Working with a pleasant atmosphere will make each team member feel more comfortable. This convenience will later create fresh ideas created to create the latest innovations in its products. Because of the importance of this, Rootpixel maintains the holiday tradition with the teams that are routinely held. Aside from being a token of appreciation to the 'rootpixel champion' who has worked hard, this holiday is also expected to bring more benefits in the future.

The development of the era followed by rapid technological developments helped bring changes to the human lifestyle. At present, in today's technology, all digital products are always a mainstay product. Because of its enormous potential, this is what makes more digital-based businesses formed in Indonesia. Rootpixel is one of them. We are an internet and digital based company with 12 years of experience in the digital business world.

This 12-year achievement in the world of digital business has received a very good appreciation from the international community. Evidenced by the many awards that we received, namely a number of 24 awards, where the award was given as an appreciation of our products as the best products. With 12 years of experience and the many awards we have received, we have never stopped to continue to create innovations in our products. We have launched various digital products as a solution that makes it easy and widely used by technology users in Indonesia.

One of our products included in the best digital product category is Levidio. This product has even sold tens of thousands of copies throughout Indonesia. Levidio itself is a template for the Power Point program. With this template users can create videos and graphics easily and very satisfying results like professionals. This Levidio has a purpose that definitely facilitates the work of video and graphic users, such as the 3 main objectives for this template, namely:

1. Being a Solution that Makes it Easy for Beginner Users.

The initial purpose of making Levidio is to make it easier for novice users to make videos and graphics with quality that is not inferior to professionally made. The convenience is obtained because the tools in this template are also definitely very familiar to computer users, especially for users who often use PowerPoint applications.

2. Become an Effective Media Promotion

As explained earlier, Levidio is a video and graphics template that makes it easy for beginners to make their own videos and graphics more easily. This convenience is used by SME owners. With the video features of this application, SMEs can make videos as a medium for promotion. That way the promotion will be more effective with an effective budget because SMEs can make their own promotional videos without having to use promotional video creation services.

3. Opening New Opportunities for Other Online Business Players

Not only makes it easy for users, Levidio can also open up other business opportunities that are no less promising. Only by utilizing the video features in this template, users can already open a business that offers video creation services. Evidently, from just one product produced by Rootpixel can bring more business opportunities to other business people.

Various digital products are made indeed to facilitate users. This principle is also always held by Rootpixel in making every product. As exemplified above. Levidio which is the best product from Rootpixel is a digital product created for the purpose of making it easier for users. The 3 objectives described above are the main objectives of Levidio. With Levidio, users can easily create their own videos and graphics but the results are like professional ones.